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How to integrate Klasha into BigCommerce
How to integrate Klasha into BigCommerce
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The Klasha payment gateway, when integrated into your BigCommerce store, allows you to sell seamlessly into the African continent and receive payment online in local African currencies.

Here's how to integrate and get started!

  1. From your BigCommerce dashboard, select Store setup -> Payments.

  2. Select Offline payment methods -> Money Order -> Set up.

  3. Change the Money Order name to Klasha and click Save.

  4. Select Apps -> Marketplace. Search for Klasha and click Get this app -> Install.

  5. Agree to the BigCommerce terms and click the Confirm button.

  6. Once the installation completes and the screen loads, enter your Merchant public key and Merchant secret key. The keys provided must be valid. Otherwise, you will not be able to continue. You can retrieve your merchant keys from your Klasha dashboard (use this article as a guide). Next, click the toggle to switch between live or test mode, and click Submit.

    Once your merchant public key is validated, a dashboard to view the orders paid using Klasha payment loads. You can also switch between live and test mode by clicking the toggle button.

    The Klasha app is now on your BigCommerce store, and you can start receiving payments!

You can join our community, and an engineer will be right with you to assist you with your integration. Please click here to join our community, and you will be provided with more information.

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