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How to integrate Klasha into OpenCart
How to integrate Klasha into OpenCart
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The following steps will guide you on integrating Klasha into your OpenCart store to start receiving payments.

  • Download the Klasha OpenCart plugin using this link.

  • Extract the downloaded zip file and upload the unzipped files to your OpenCart installation folder with an FTP client.

  • Upload the zipped file to the root of your OpenCart installation, then unzip using cPanel File Manager. The folders should merge.

  • Log in to your OpenCart Admin.

  • In your admin panel, proceed to Extensions > Payment and install Klasha. Next, click on the green + button beside Klasha to install it. After that, click on the blue Edit button to configure and enable Klasha.

  • Configure the module accordingly.

To get your live merchant keys, go to your Dashboard > Settings > Generate keys here. Then use the following test keys below:

Demo Test Merchant Key: Bx72onnLxtnwdPMe8nZ9v0C6neAWZXGGnGEV6Td3Xlz5gbJEZd5OfpvtlRgkIC+t

Demo Merchant Secret: c3toq+WMziTMu9nBq96fOU8hk7+w3/SZ76beFNE+1LswzNiw8nMTxSdN5cXcZAwd

  • Enable Klasha's payment gateway, and you're ready to go!

You can join our community, and an engineer will be right with you to assist you with your integration. Please click here to join our community, and you will be provided with more information.

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