Klasha is a technology company that builds cross-border commerce solutions for African consumers and international businesses wanting to sell in Africa. Our mission is to make online consumer goods and services more accessible to customers across Africa. We've built the KlashaCheckout that allows African consumers to transact online and across borders in local African currencies, alongside an entire toolkit of software products, including KlashaWire, KlashaCargo, Payment Links, and Klasha app. We support consumers and retailers to easily and efficiently navigate shipping, logistics, and last-mile delivery.

Why choose Klasha?

We offer the highest transaction success rate globally, improve customer satisfaction experience, and reduce cart abandonment rate for your business when you integrate KlashaCheckout as a payment gateway.

Whether you are an online or offline business owner, Klasha has payment solutions for your website or mobile app that are easy, stress-free, and allows you to start accepting payments in 5 minutes.

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