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Understanding my Klasha Business dashboard
Understanding my Klasha Business dashboard
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Your Klasha Business Account should be activated and good to go before reading this article. If you do not have a Klasha Business Account, you can check out this article for a guide on setting up yours.

Now that you have a Klasha Business Account, you will have access to your dashboard, but you may be confused about what to do and what the dashboard is for, so let’s shed some light on this.

What exactly is the Klasha dashboard?

The Klasha dashboard analyses and displays all metrics and data points needed to monitor the health/performance of your business. Your Klasha dashboard will look like this:

The Klasha dashboard has two key sections: sales overview and sales graph.

The sales overview highlights the sales information. The critical details of the sales overview are the following:

Today’s sales: The total number of orders and payments received that day.

Weekly sales: The number of orders and payments received that week.

Monthly sales: The number of orders and payments received that month.

Last month’s sales: The number of orders and payments received for the previous month.

The sales graph shows all payments from your customers. The buttons on the top-right corner of the chart allow you to toggle between views for payments received over the last 7- or 30-day period.

You can also download your sales report by clicking Download Report for reporting and reconciliation purposes.

As a merchant, your Klasha dashboard gives you a complete overview of your business’s activities and helps you make business decisions by viewing your store’s performance at a glance.


Clicking on Balance lets you see your entire balance history, total payout, and request for new payouts.

Wallet balance: This allows you to see how much you have in your wallet.

Total payout: This shows how much you have initiated as a payout.

Payout table: Under this, you can see your payout history and filter using Transaction Status and Date. You can also download your payout report by clicking Export for reporting and reconciliation purposes.

Request payout: With the Payout button, you can request payouts into your bank account.


This shows your most recent transactions. You can see the transaction ID, method, source, customer email, status, amount, and transaction date. The status column indicates whether the transaction is successful, pending, or failed.


The Analytics tab gives you an overview of the reports and metrics you care about most. It allows you to monitor your total and successful transactions and also analyses which payment methods your customers use the most.

Exchange rates

Need to know a specific currency’s exchange rate? The Exchange Rate tab allows you to see the rate and make calculations before sending a cross-border payment.

Klasha Pay

Klasha Pay is a fast and responsive payment gateway that integrates seamlessly into a host of e-commerce platforms, allowing you to accept payments online from Africa in African currencies easily. Some of the plug-ins are Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and others.

Payment Links

The Payment Link tab allows you to create Klasha Payment Links to accept payments from your customers for your offline business. No website or code is required.

Klasha Wire

Klasha Wire lets you wire large amounts overseas from Africa, pay your suppliers using African currencies, and receive the equivalent payout in USD, CNY, EUR, GBP, INR, G7 currencies, and more.


To access the settings page, you’re required to click the drop-down menu beside your profile name. Once done, you will see the Settings, Support, and Log Out buttons.

Log Out: As the name implies, you can use this to log out of your account once you’re done using the platform.

Support: On the support page, you will find various ways to reach us should you need help with anything.

Settings: Under the Setting tab, there are four sections.

  1. Business

Here, you can see your business information. Currently, you cannot edit this, but if you need to update any information, please send an email to [email protected] stating the reasons for doing so.

  1. Business verification

Here, you can see the documents you’ve uploaded and their approval status, or documents you’re yet to upload if you have not done so.

  1. Generate keys

This section is for merchants who have websites. The keys are meant for use during the integration of Klasha Pay on any e-commerce website. Please refer to Klasha Pay to see the number of offerings we have.

Also, note that you will access the keys once your business has been approved.

  1. Bank account

Here, you can input your bank account details for your payout request. This section is for merchants using the Payment Links and the Klasha Pay options.

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