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Common mistakes people make with the Black Card
Common mistakes people make with the Black Card

Here are some mistakes and tips to note when using the Black Card for payments

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  1. There is a minimum monthly maintenance fee of 1 USD on issued cards if you have made at least one transaction on your card in a given month, you will be charged a 1 USD maintenance fee for that month. This fee is withheld on your card, so it is important to take note of this fee when making a payment. It is safe to assume that your minimum card balance cannot go beyond 1 USD every month.

  2. Our cards are USD cards, so they cannot be used for naira payments. If the merchant shows you the amount in naira, you cannot use the Black Card for payments. You’ll have to switch the billing currency to USD or EUR or change the country on your account to the United States to use the Black Card.

  3. If you’ve tried using the card to pay and it doesn’t work, check if they accept PayPal as a payment method and try that instead. This always works.

  4. Some merchant sites are blacklisted.

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