Adding funds to your Klasha Wallet is very easy. All you have to do is click on the Fund Wallet button on the home page, enter the deposit amount, and select your preferred funding method:

Bank transfer (free): With your BVN verified, you can now enjoy seamless transactions to your permanent virtual account number, which is displayed once you select the bank transfer option. Note that you should transfer the same amount when you generate a specific amount from the app to fund your wallet. Otherwise, the amount generated will be credited to your wallet, and the excess will automatically be returned to the original funding source.

Specifically, if you type ₦1000 into the app, you should only send ₦1000. If you send ₦2000, your wallet will be credited with ₦1000, while the excess is automatically returned to the original funding source.

Card payment: This funding option comes with a 1.2% transaction fee. At this time, you can only fund your wallet with cards domiciled in Africa.

USSD: Select your preferred bank and dial the code to complete the payment with zero charges.

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