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How to verify your Klasha Business account
How to verify your Klasha Business account
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We require all businesses to verify their accounts in line with our compliance regulations. After creating a Klasha Business account, you must provide some business documents to verify your identity.

This is a verification process for merchants to help ensure their business is legal and verified. The verification process has two parts: the Business Owner’s identity verification and the Business verification. The type of business will determine the documents that must be submitted for verification.

KYB verification takes up to 24 - 48 hours before they are approved.

If your document is rejected, you will receive a short explanation and can re-upload the reviewed document.

Follow these easy steps to verify your Klasha Business Account:

  • Enter your business details

  • Enter your contact details, and once done, you can click on “Continue”

  • Enter the details of your business representative/ owner

  • Enter your primary bank account details for your payouts.

  • Enter the required additional details and upload your proof of address

    • Acceptable documents include:

      • Application form to CAC

      • CAC form 2

      • CAC form 7 or certified extract from CAC

      • Business incorporation document

      • Proof of address (utility bill or company’s bank statement within the last three months)

      • Proprietor’s valid ID

  • Voila, documents have been submitted and are pending approval.

You will receive an email to inform you of the final status of your KYB verification (Successful or Failed). If successful, you will be able to access all the features we offer. If it fails, you will need to re-upload your documents.

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