The Klasha app is a secure and one-cart-fits-all solution that allows you to make local and international transactions seamlessly on the go. With the Klasha app, users can shop from international stores seamlessly from Africa because it is designed with the online needs of the ideal consumer in mind.

Here are some of the features of the Klasha app:

  1. Create and manage a virtual dollar card: You can create a Klasha dollar card with a monthly funding limit of $10,000. You can use this virtual card on different platforms for online transactions.

  2. PINK Money: Using the PINK Money feature, you can instantly send money to friends and family within the Klasha community with zero charges.

  3. Status page: This feature helps track the uptime and downtime status of Klasha services and channels. With the status page, users can check the status of a Klasha service before use to know if it is available or under maintenance.

  4. KlashaShop: The shop feature allows users to shop from various online stores like Zara, Amazon, Boohoo, and more as an in-app shopping cart feature and get fast delivery in Africa.

  5. Transaction status: App users can monitor the status of all transactions without reaching out to Klasha Support. This self-service feature informs users if a transaction is successful, pending, or failed in-app.

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