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What is the Klasha App?
What is the Klasha App?
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The Klasha app is a secure cross-border payment solution that allows you to make local and international payments on the go. With the Klasha app, users can pay international merchants and shop from global stores with ease.

Here are some of the features of the Klasha app:

  1. Dollar card: You can create two Klasha dollar cards (The Pink and Black Card) for all your global payments and subscriptions. The Pink Card comes with a Nigerian billing address and a monthly limit of $10,000, and it’s mostly used for subscriptions. On the other hand, the Black Card comes with an International address and zero limits. These virtual cards can be used for online transactions on various platforms.

  2. KlashaShop: As an in-app shopping cart feature, the shop feature allows users to shop from various global stores such as Zara, Amazon, and Asos, among others, and receive fast delivery in Africa.

  3. Bill payments: This feature allows you to manage and pay bills like airtime, internet, electricity, and cable TV.

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